A Look Back On The Evolution Of Kitchen Cabinets, 1980-2010

Published: 27th January 2010
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Starting from an open fire in a camp and ending with today's modern technology, kitchens have evolved tremendously over time. Homeowners think Denver Kitchen Design when they are starting a remodel, or if they are making changes to the kitchen in order to attract buyers to the house, and thus a look at how Denver Kitchen Cabinets have evolved over time can help you to borrow the best of the past and avoid its mistakes, as well as take advantage of today's improvements over previous kitchen cabinetry.

Kitchens with a focus on the sink, stove and refrigerator have been the norm for many decades. Cabinets in the kitchen were used for storage, but decorative elements such as color and trim were also taken into account. Small kitchens in decades past may also have included a small breakfast nook for quick family meals. The room was typically closed off from other rooms mostly due to a lack of kitchen ventilation suitable for use with cooking appliances.

The decade of the 1980s brought change to kitchen design. Because kitchen ventilation improved tremendously, homes could now feature a more open format because cooking smells would not enter other living areas, and thus the kitchen became more of a room in which to live. The trend of having guests come into the kitchen was a new phenomena, and kitchen designers used this to revamp the ways that kitchens looked and functioned. In later decades, seating areas, sometimes as a bar with stools, became more common as a way to integrate entertaining in with cooking. Cooking became more a creative rather than work pursuit, and this aided in the changes to kitchen design.

In more recent decades, kitchen cabinetry has also changed and evolved. The use of a kitchen island is one of these popular developments. An island will consist of kitchen cabinets, often custom crafted, as a freestanding area in the kitchen. The surface of the island might include a sink and stovetop, along with a large work surface, and under this will be ample storage areas.

Modern kitchen cabinetry is also much more often built to suit certain specific purposes. Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets in Denver can be custom designed to fit all the way from ceiling to floor, for example, or to be custom fit under counters or around appliances. In the kitchen of 2010, no space is wasted, but every inch is maximized to its full potential. With a new increased interest in cooking for fun, home cooks will often design a kitchen using professional quality restaurant appliances, and will want kitchen cabinetry to match. Green kitchen cabinets made from sustainable products are also a modern development in kitchen design.

Denver custom cabinet makers understand previous kitchen design elements, and continue to learn about and experiement with new developments in custom cabinet design, construction, finishing techniques and materials, and bring this all of this expertise to bear on the kitchen design and remodel of your home today.

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